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This website Will Show You How to Protect Your Privacy, and We Can't Stop Laughing

Internet Noise is technology with a touch of activism that helps you protect your privacy.

How Toxic Are Trump's Cuts to the NIH? | Dame Magazine

How Toxic Are Trump's Cuts to the NIH? | Dame Magaz...

Why It's Not Enough to Wash Your Fruits and Veggies

Pesticides can't be washed away. Here are some guidelines for safer eating.


Science Isn't Political, Says Silicon Valley March for Science ...

Climate change doesn't discriminate by party

Weight and Migraines are Linked

Being over- or underweight increases your risk of migraines.


New Therapy Shrinks Five Types of Pediatric Cancers in Mice | Mental Floss

New Therapy Shrinks Five Types of Pediatric Cancers...

CA Teachers May Soon Get a Surprise on Their Taxes

CA Senate Bill 807 would eliminate income taxes for teachers

5 Questions You May Have About MACRA

MACRA, demystified.

Optimizing RCM Technologies to Improve a Practice's Bottom Line

A combination of technology and outsourcing can improve a practice's revenue stream

Scientists Create a Form of 4-Dimensional Matter.

Time Crystals repeat in time the way some crystals repeat in space.

Eating Well

Go Ahead, Rethink the Saltshaker - EatingWell

New research finds too little salt may be as harmful as too much

Why Protect Americans When You Can Profit Off Them Instead? | Dame Magazine

What the Trump budget cuts to the EPA will mean for the environment, and our health

The Washington Post

The GOP plan to roll back Medicaid might force more couples to get divorced - The Washington Post

Medical divorces went down under the ACA, and may rise again under the GOP repeal and replace plan.

Is a Tiny Home Right for You? - Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

Financial benefits of a tiny home


Why A Super Wet Winter Hasn't Ended California's Drought

There's this little thing called climate change...